TSG Behavioral Health & Community Services

Our Treatment and Services

Peer Support

Our Peer Support Services (PSS) are an evidenced-based mental health model of care that provides community-based recovery services directly to a Medicaid-eligible adult Member diagnosed with a mental health or substance use disorder. PSS provides structured, scheduled services that promote recovery, self-determination, self-advocacy, engagement in self-care and wellness, and enhancement of community living skills of beneficiaries. PSS services are directly provided by Certified Peer Support Specialists (CPSS) who have self-identified as a person(s) in recovery from a mental health or substance use disorder. 

Outpatient Therapy

We provide individual, group, and/or family therapy services to children, adults, and their families. Our outpatient services, including evaluation, treatment, and, school-based outpatient therapy.

Our clinical team is highly qualified and has years of experience in dealing with concerns like the ones your family may be experiencing.

Case Support

Our Case Support assist indigent individuals in applying for benefits and linkage to appropriate mental health services, medical
services, community services, and other needed supports. 

Case Support helps to fill in treatment gaps when
individuals  are unable to receive their typical site-based  or face-to-face services

Intensive In-Home

Our Intensive In-Home (IIH) program is designed to assist children and families in identifying the cause of troublesome behaviors. This program creates a team between children, families and counselors to provide hands-on support for mental and behavioral changes.



Life Coaching

Life coaching is a dynamic and collaborative process that empowers individuals to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they aspire to be. Unlike therapy or counseling, which may focus on healing past wounds, life coaching is forward-focused and goal-oriented. It centers on helping you create a fulfilling and purposeful life by identifying and overcoming obstacles, clarifying goals, and developing action plans for positive change.

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